Chapter 10: Battlefield – 5

She was spotted the second she set foot in the hall leading to solitary. The single female patrolling this corridor did a quick sidestep before making her way towards One Forty-Five.

Raising one hand and placing the other on her weapon, the attendant shouted at her.

“You are not supposed to be back here.”

One Forty-Five nodded, closing the distance between them.

“I apologize.”

She could feel the attendant’s jaw snap instantly upon contact, sending the female spinning backwards like a doll. The force of the punch knocked her unconscious before she hit the ground, rolling once on inertia alone.

One Forty-Five retrieved the ZPR and badge from the attendant, taking a moment to verify that she was indeed still alive. Not as subtle as Nine’s method, but just as effective.

Using the newly-acquired badge, One Forty-Five proceeded into the dark solitary room, the unconscious woman in tow by her leg.

Three-Twelve was exactly where they’d seen her last week; tossed on a dirty bed in the fourth room. She opened the door and pulled her sister up to a sitting position, cupping the back of her head with her hand.


Three-Twelve’s eyes opened slightly, blinked, and then closed.

“One Forty-Five. Has it been a couple of days already?”

“It has been nearly two weeks since we last spoke.”

She opened her eyes again, but painfully slow, like they were made of cement.

“Then we must go. Hopefully, this unit has the entire door code now.”

One Forty-Five knew exactly what door code she was referring to, and where they needed to go next.

She hoisted Three-Twelve up, slinging her arm across her back and picking the few I.V. devices out of her skin. Three-Twelve nodded to the attendant sprawled on the floor of her room.

“We are not on good terms with the staff?”

One Forty-Five shook her head as she moved the two of them around the body and to the door of the dark room.

“There was little time for a covert operation. When we leave we will lock her in here.”

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

She stopped and looked to Three-Twelve after swiping the badge to lock the door.

“How do you know about our relationship?”

Three-Twelve swung her head up to look back at her sister through sleepy eyes.

“This one was sedated, not blinded.”

She let her head drop back down, stopping short of hitting her chest with her chin.

One Forty-Five re-gripped the weapon in her hand and prepared to move out into the hallway.

“She was released yesterday. We are no longer together.”

Three-Twelve rocked back and forth a bit, but didn’t say anything.

They proceeded through the door, moving down the corridor slowly. Using the back hallways, they avoided most of the staff, only having to pause for a few moments to let one go by before they continued on.

The door came into sight, just a few more meters down the curved corridor.

A man with a pad in hand appeared from around the corner, looked up and froze.

“What is she doing out?”

He took a quick glance at the ZPR in One Forty-Five’s hand and reached for his own. She fired first.

The blast hit him in the arm forcing him to drop his weapon. He yelled an explicative while he reached down with his other arm to pick it up.

She fired again, this time hitting him in the leg. He dropped, still trying to retrieve the weapon with his unwieldy grip.

She fired a third time, hitting him in the chest and knocking the wind out of him, effectively muting the attendant.

Three-Twelve reached over and tapped her on the shoulder.

“If you intend to kill him via this method, we may be delayed by several hours.”

One Forty-Five nodded and started to move them towards the man whispering swears. He gave up on the weapon and started to clumsily crawl away when he noticed them approaching.

She fired again, hitting the attendant in the other leg. He came to a stop.

When they arrived at the downed man, One Forty-Five rolled him over onto his back.

“How do you suggest we deal with him?”

Three-Twelve gave him a swift, but poorly-aimed, kick in the face. He rolled over slightly, completely unconscious.

One Forty-Five approved.


She leaned Three-Twelve against the door and started to remove the clamps. Three-Twelve put her hand on her sister’s arm.

“No, don’t need to move those. They’re just for show. The only lock is in the wall panel.”

Braced between the door frame and two shaky legs, Three-Twelve was able to prop herself up beside the panel. She opened the access port and placed her arm inside while trying to get a good view.

“If this side of the door uses the same code as the other one, then there should be eight sets of five symbols. It took significant work to memorize them, considering this unit’s condition at the time.”

“How long?”

Three-Twelve shrugged.


A siren came on and the wall consoles started to flash red. One Forty-Five backed herself up to the door.

“I believe we have very little time.”

Three-Twelve punched in another set of codes on the oddly-shaped device and hit the small blue object growing to the side. It accepted it and requested another.

They could hear the sounds of commotion all around behind the blaring whine of the alert. A set of feet were thumping closer.

One Forty-Five kneeled down and held her pathetic excuse for a weapon up, pointing it down the hall. She may not win the fight, but she was going to at least get in the first shot.



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