Chapter 14: Undercard – 7

One Forty-Five kept her distance and waited until Vara had broken away from the group of friends she normally hung out with. As she rounded the corner, One Forty-Five stopped her with one outstretched hand.

“I wish to speak with you.”

Vara tucked one of her arms under the other, leaned to one side and acted like she was reading the datapad in her free hand.

“Sorry, I’m scheduled to be angry with you for another two days. I can fit you in for a reconciliation on the tenth, if you want.”

One Forty-Five cocked her head.

“I was not aware it would take so long.”

Vara poked her with the pad.

“Kidding! Go on. Get to the part where you say you’re sorry and that I was right.”

One Forty-Five nodded affirmatively.

“I have been building scenarios to deal with my current issues. However, I am unable to construct a working one that does not include the assistance of others.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Vara responded.

“Was that your apology? ‘Cause, that was terrible.”

One Forty-Five straightened herself and placed her arms behind her back.

“I am sorry. You were right. I will need help.”

Vara gave her a quick hug and released it before One Forty-Five had time to react.

“THAT’S what I wanted to hear.”

She started down the hall slowly as One Forty-Five kept pace.

“So, what now?”

“Cadet Sarenden’s specialization is Borg technology?”

“You know, you can call him Brian. I think he prefers that. But yes, he’s taking an extra year in the Corp of Engineers to focus on Borg implant technology.”

She faked a shudder.

“Whoo, all those extra courses, some of them Medical even. Too much extra work for me. I can’t tell if he’s a go-getter or just insane.”

“If I requested it, do you think he would assist me?”

Vara slowed as they entered the dorm hallway and smirked at her.

“Yeah, I think you might be able to swing that.”

When they reached the door to the room, One Forty-Five punched in her code and they headed inside.

“That is good. I had assumed that I had angered him.”

Vara shrugged and sat in her chair.

“Maybe, but I’m sure he’d forgive you really quickly if you asked nicely.”

She dropped the pads on her desk with the others. The haphazard collection was closely reaching a critical point where she would either need to clean the desk, or lose a few to the floor.

“In fact, if you accepted our offer to join the Firefight team starting next semester, I’m almost certain he’d help you with whatever you wanted.”

“I had intended to do Flight Training as the Tactical extra-curricular for my second year. Since I am focusing on Federation ship weaponry, I thought this would be most appropriate.”

Vara spun around in her chair and powered up the screen connected to her desk.

“Hey, whatever you want. I’m just saying that you want his help, and we need a sniper.”

“Then, I accept.”

Vara looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

“I knew you’d come around eventually. Even though we don’t technically start until next year, we’re still getting together to practice next week. You should come.”

“I will endeavor to be there. Will I need to bring anything?”

“Nah, not for a practice. We’re just going to do a quick round with another team. Plus we’ll need to go over rules and stuff.”

Vara turned back to her screen, talking softly to herself.

“Brian is going to be thrilled.”



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